A LOOSE END by Daniel Hendler – In production


A low-ranking officer wanders through Fray Bentos in search of a new destiny, escaping from the Argentinean police force that is looking for him. Without money or lodging, but with sympathy and cunning, he overcomes obstacles, receives help from local characters he meets along the way, and even meets someone he believes could be the love of his life.


Daniel Hendler was born in Montevideo in 1976. He is an actor, director and scriptwriter. He trained at the Instituto de Estudios Teatrales and studied with masters such as Roberto Jones, Ruben Yañez, Ana M. Cabezas and Roberto Fontana.

He acted, wrote, directed and produced several plays with the group ‘Acapara el 522’, receiving in 1996 the first prize in the young theatre show and in 2000 the Morosoli award for his work in the Uruguayan theatre.

In 2010 he released his first feature film as a screenwriter and director, NORBERTO APENAS TARDE, produced by Cordón Films, winner of the TVE award for Films in Progress in San Sebastian, as well as numerous international distinctions.

In 2016 he ventured into television directing with GUIA 19172, a TV series about cannabis regulation in Uruguay (winner of Best Web Series at the GRABA Audiovisual Festival and Best Screenplay at the Rome Web Awards).

He also wrote, directed and starred in the series LA DIVISIÓN (2017) and LOS DEMONIOS (2018, Star Amets Award at Bilbao SeriesLand), in co-production with UN3TV from Argentina and TV Ciudad from Uruguay. EL CANDIDATO (2016), his second feature film as screenwriter and director, won Best Director at the Miami International Film Festival and Best Screenplay at the Havana Film Festival in New York, among other awards.