We provide production services for publicity, documentaries and international feature films. Argentine demographic characteristics provide ideal conditions for cinematographic activities development.

The technical capability of the staff we work with and the content production experience for the local market, provide the conditions to carry out first level international productions under the best quality standards.


Argentina is now a days the destination for important international productions, both for cinema and publicity. Its vast territory presents a variety of landscapes and climate: from deserts to jungles, polar cold weather to tropical heat, among others.

Casting is a true advantage for this productions, because of the high artistic level and the ethnic diversity. The coexistence of different ethnicity such as European, Oriental and American offers a great spectrum of possibilities.

Because of the high international demand this past years, the renting companies have made big investments. Argentina can nowadays offer high-end cameras, lenses, special effects, lamps, tows, laboratories and experienced operators.