THE DELINQUETS – In development

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Román and Morán are employees of a small bank’s branch in Buenos Aires.

With the sole intention of leaving behind a routine that plunges him day by day into an increasingly gray existence, Morán carries out a silent and absurd robbery of the bank’s treasury in supposed complicity with Roman. At night, he gives all the booty to his companion and heads off to the province of Cordoba in search of tranquility and days of leisure. Morán meets Norma, a mysterious girl with whom he has a passionate romance not exempt from drunkenness and adventures. Abruptly Morán says goodbye to her and starts a long procession that ends at a police station in town where he confesses the robbery and turns himself in to the police. Román lives with Flor and in a corner of his closet hides the totality of the money. He continues to lead a normal life, working in the bank as always. There the missing money is discovered and an internal investigation is initiated to find the person who stole it. It is quickly known that Moran is the responsible and the bank authorities focus on finding the accomplice. Roman goes through very stressful days. But he can’t bear having so much hidden money without even being able to use it. He visits his partner in jail and tells him that he can’t go ahead with the plan, he needs to get rid of all the money. Moran mounts in anger and throws him out of the visiting room. After a while he calls him repentant and gives him certain indications of where to hide the money. Roman must take it to Córdoba and hide it under a stone, like the old pirate treasures. Once in Córdoba, Román meets Norma and they also fall in love. Román breaks out with Flor and invites Norma to Buenos Aires. But the girl, used to a wilder life, can’t adapt to the big city and returns to her town. None of the three knows anything about the other but all carry forward a peculiar love triangle that finally deactivates when the truth comes to light.

After the prison odyssey, Morán regains his freedom. That same day Román resings to the bank and goes to meet his friend at the mountain in order to share the booty. The two, separately, dream of a reunion with Norma. But she is not there, she’s gone. Morán and Román share the fear for the disappearance of bags with money. The long and complex plan finally takes shape. Money waits dusty under the huge rock. They spend a few days in the wild nature that the mountain offers, they share the booty and the two friends say goodbye forever.


Born in Buenos Aires, where he still lives, Rodrigo Moreno is director, screenwriter and producer. With El Custodio obtained more than thirty international awards among them Best latinamerican screenplay Sundance/NHK and Alfred Bauer Preis in Berlinale 2006, a festival where he came back to the official competition five years later with his second film titled A mysterious world, presented in TIFF and best film in Sao Paulo 2011. Before those solo films, he had shared two film projects, Bad Times in 1999, an omnibus film produced entirely by Universidad del Cine, where he studied and now teaches filmmaking, and El descanso in 2001, winner at Buenos Aires Film Festival as best film co directed together with U. Rosell and A. Tambornino.

In 2012 he founded his own company named Compañía Amateur, and produced his third film Reimon, presented at Rotterdam film festival 2014 within Big Screen selection.

In 2014 he also founded together with filmmaker Juan Villegas a new company MoVi Cine, focusing in productions of new directors. Mendoza diaries, directed by Lucía Mendoza and presented in Mar del Plata film festival and Strange days an argentine-colombian film directed by Sebastián Quebrada, presented at 2015 Bafici, 2016 Cartagena and many other festivals.

He writes in Revista de Cine, an annual film review published and created by himself and some other filmmakers like Mariano Llinas, Sergio Wolf and J. Villegas.

He also teaches film direction at Universidad del Cine and Works as film and script tutor mainly in Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

In 2016 he premiered Provincial City, his last film.

The delinquents participated at Cinemart Rotterdam 2015, won the chilean film fund at the end of the year and it will be his next film.

2016 – Provincial City
2014 – Reimon
2011 – A mysterious world
2006 – El custodio
2001 – El descanso