JAUJA by Lisandro Alonso (2014)

  • JAUJA de Lisandro Alonso
  • JAUJA de Lisandro Alonso
  • JAUJA de Lisandro Alonso


Captain Gunnar Dinesen has come from abroad with his fifteen year-old daughter to take an engineering job with the Argentine army. Being the only female in the area, Ingeborg creates a stir among the men. She falls in love with a young soldier, and one night they run away together. When Dinesen realizes what has happened, he decides to venture into enemy territory, against his menÂ’s wishes, to find the young couple.


DIRECTOR - Lisandro Alonso

Lisandro Alonso was born on June 2, 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied at ‘Universidad del Cine’ (FUC). He worked as a film producer and assistant director before being a director. Since 2001, has writed and directed four films: Freedom; Los Muertos, with fantastic dream beginning with dead bodies in the landscape; Ghost and Liverpool. He soon attracted the attention of his films. Los Muertos (2004) and Liverpool (2008) were selected for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Writer and Director know for:
2001 – La libertad (Freedom)
2004 – Los muertos
2006 – Fantasma
2008 – Liverpool
2014 – Jauja